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Residential Projects

We provide dedicated service plumbers who’s expertise is in repair, installation and replacement of all things plumbing.

Commercial Projects

We know commercial projects have particular needs. From start to finish Bryan Young Plumbing provides everything you need to complete the project on-time and on budget. It’s all in the details.

Industrial Projects

Whether your building your dream home in Central Oregon or updating your bathroom, we can help. Assisting with planning and permits, quality fixtures, and making sure your ideas become reality in a timely manner is our top priority.


Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM. In cases of emergency service requests, we typically accommodate same-day or next-day appointments at no additional cost within our regular hours. For after-hours assistance, please refer to the following question.

Each of our plumbers holds Journeyman plumber certification, backed by extensive training spanning four years and thousands of hours of hands-on experience, allowing them to tackle a wide spectrum of plumbing challenges. Additionally, our plumbers are equipped with an extensive array of resources to ensure the job is completed accurately and efficiently.

Regarding Service Calls, there are several factors that make up supplemental rates for areas beyond Bend:

Please Contact US for inquiries!

If it pertains to plumbing, we typically have the necessary items available for our service calls. Our inventory includes a wide range of products such as garbage disposals, faucets, water heaters, bathtubs, and more. Our professional-grade, superior quality selections often offer competitive pricing compared to products found in major retail stores. Feel free to reach out via phone or email if you require a quote.

We ensure availability of one plumber on-call for emergencies, exclusively for our loyal customers. After-hours coverage extends from Friday at 4 PM to Monday morning at 8 AM. Please note that after-hour and holiday rates are applicable to compensate our plumbers for their overtime hours dedicated to being on call.

Although certain service calls may be subject to a flat-rate fee, our shop fee stands at $175 for the initial hour within the Bend area, followed by $150 per hour thereafter. 

Our consistent pricing model is frequently recognized as one of the most competitive among Bend’s prominent, comprehensive plumbing service providers.

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