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With years of hands-on experience in diverse plumbing environments, we bring a comprehensive skill set and unwavering dedication to the role of professional plumbers. Our expertise encompasses installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting across residential, commercial, and industrial settings. We possess an eye for detail and a knack for swiftly identifying and resolving plumbing issues while adhering to industry standards and safety protocols.

About BYP

Bryan Young Plumbing has established itself as a steadfast presence in Central Oregon for more than two decades. Originating from the vision of Bryan Young, who embarked on this journey right after achieving his status as a journeyman plumber, the company has steadily grown.

In the current year of 2024, the company now boasts a team exceeding 10 dedicated employees. Their unwavering commitment to upholding the founding principle of “Do Right By The Customer” remains the cornerstone of the company’s ethos, driving its continued success.

Our Plumbing Services


We offer specialized plumbing professionals with expertise in repairing, installing, and replacing various plumbing fixtures, including water heaters, toilets, and garbage disposals.


We know commercial projects have particular needs. From start to finish Bryan Young Plumbing provides everything you need to complete the project on-time and on budget. It’s all in the details.


Whether your building your dream home in Central Oregon or updating your bathroom, we can help. Assisting with planning and permits, quality fixtures, and making sure your ideas become reality in a timely manner is our top priority.

Why Choose Us?


Doing your plumbing by yourself can be dangerous trust the professionals to get the job done right!


With over 20 years experience you can count on us!

Right tools

We are dedicated to getting the job done the first time, we have a wide array of tools to make sure that happens!

Comprehensive Services

we offer a wide range of services including emergency repairs, routine maintenance, new installs and remodels!

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