Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Gas & Electric

Bryan Young Plumbing provides both repair and replacement of water heaters in residential and commercial settings.  From 2 gallon under-the-counter tanks to 100 gallon commercial styles, we’ve got you covered in natural gas, propane and electric water heaters.  We typically use Bradford White water heaters because they are made in American and known for their long-lasting quality.

Manufacturers typically expect water heaters to last around 13 years.  Up until this time, if you are experiencing heating issues or leaks, we can often replace parts so you can get extra milage from your tank.

If you find your tank is leaking at the bottom (footprint) and has reached its life expectancy, it may be time for a replacement.  When making your appointment please be sure to help note any size restrictions, current size in gallons, and anything else that could be helpful in getting the job done.  We’ll help you with the right replacement to fit your needs, deliver it to the site and remove the old water heater.


You may be surprised to learn that Bryan Young Plumbing has installed more tankless units than any other plumbing shop in Central Oregon.  In fact, if you ever stop by the Noritz website, you will see Bryan Young Plumbing is the only shop ranked in their Platinum category.  We are proud to install the industry leader in tankless water heaters; Noritz.  We do service a few of  the other brands, so please call the office for more details.

If you are concerned about energy efficiency, using a tankless in a second home or simply using one to provide continuous hot water, then a tankless might be the right choice for you.


Already own a Noritz Tankless?  Find programming instructions here.

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