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Winter Has Arrived! Here’s How To Save on Costly Repair Bills

freezing   If the recent cold weather snap has caught you by surprise, you may still be able to save yourself costly repair bills by making sure you've reviewed the following guidelines: 1. Locate your water shut-off valve - This is a good practice for any time of the year.  Should...

Our Most Popular Toilet – Cadet Pro by American Standard

Need a quality toilet with worry-free flushing?  American Standard's unique flushing system is in a class of it's own.  Less problems and great pricing.  Let us know if you'd like to upgrade.

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Moen Motion Sense STo Kitchen Faucet

We wanted to share the faucet that seems to get the most oohs & aahs when customers want to upgrade to something special for their kitchen faucet.  Two particular features that people love is the retractable sprayer and the hands-free on and off option.  Watch it in action in this video: [embed][/embed]...